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Federal Trade Commission established the FROP program & touts it as being very effective The FTC's rule was promulgated in 1984 and revised in 1993. See (click) news in 92, updated 1/2/96
. BUT how on earth CAN IT BE very effective-
if out of all of the pages up on the world wide web,
the ones that are listed here - (under 20)
are the ONLY (non commerical) ones
with ANYcontent about the subject?
Except A/Hast '97 headline "FROP Fracas: Critics Slam Funeral Home Offenders Program" in one their death care industry trade magazine.
In contrast, doing a search (google 5/1/00) "funeral homes"
fetches 63,600 pages! Kind of out of balance big time! Does anyone
REALLY Wonder why there are STILL any problems? Please spread this news far & wide. Our url here is http://www.ateammasters/Orders.html
See the text to the far right to read more in detail
what the FTC frop program is
All links below open new window
These are ORDERS that every funeral home in the states must follow. But the chances of the parlor being investigated are really slim.:-(
Then, a home is "warned" in some cases, that Federal Trade Commission & those assisting them in a "sweep" (test shop), has chosen their area, for sometime in the future. Rules cast in stone, But one that has many cracks & crinkles yet. The cost of the average funeral is in excess of $6,000.00 at the funeral parlor, Plus the cost of the grave and the marker, opening & closing costs, it often exceeds $10,000.00 and up!
FTC linksUnited States report FACTS Others links
Where to complain
1996 "sweep"
US Dept Anti Trust FAMSA's report National Assoc. of Consumer AA org. NFDA site, search abuse
Talk to the FTC 1st!!
more 1996
97 sweep
1997 yr FTC report
1998 FTC yr report (can't find any 99s)
Senate Dept Aging
Famsa Funeral rule review concerns
$21.6 billion up pd out for funerals USA in 1 yr! ABC investigated report
NCRA Alerts & scams
Seniors site
Nat. Assoc. Atty Gen'ls
National FRAUD hotline
FTC Testimony
FTC 2000
more 2000
Iowa Dept. of Justice 2.3 million deaths in US 1997 Iowa reporter view The rule details
Online Better B/Bureau
The NEXT score, please help make this one count! '97 Consumer rpt 3/4 from bottom, edu serviced by over 23,000 funeral homes = ONLY 239.5 parlor "sweep" per yr!! MORE action
,end & prevent
Amer. Civil Liberties
Funeral Ethics Assoc. they are not highly rated

more ftc links
WOW latest update, fine & punishment!
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Part of the problem is many people don't know what the Funeral Rule means,
what it covers and who to let know that they have been wrongly
treated as a consumer, with this issue.
If no one ever does any thing much about it, those in power - will not know anything is wrong. You need to COMPLAIN - to let people know, so it will not happen time after time again!

You can contact us by:phone 800-595-1313 Fax ~ by e:mail
at a-team@stratos.net ~ CLICK by Phone & by mail! (fax phone & address next row).

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Together as informed individuals & consumers, rules are made better, stronger & more effective, BUT it takes knowledge, effort & action!
The funeral trade is being regulated more and more, simply because it is so open to fraud, unfair practices & deceptions.
But the good news is of course, if one does their homework, they learn only to patronize the firms that uphold high ideals. Find out who really owns the business, if they have any complaints at the local Better Business Bureau, (and complain like others have and ask for references, just like you would when making other purchases. .

member of the  NCRA, see our FAQ pg, Funeral Industry Watchdog
FAQ page

It is worth repeating - FTC imposes a $11,000.00 fine for FROP offenders - it is that serious! Don't keep this a secret any longer. By not handing you the GPL and other anti-informitive requirements, you are open to the uncomplying funeral homes and their "tactics" for overspending with that parlor. Let's all not stand for that and complain loud and clear to more than one of the agencies listed on this page. Make them hear! If 10% of the morturaries are non complying, while 90% are, that is super, if all of the 23,000 were checked, however.......when you see the math -it is lousy.. Look at how many funerals there were, now see only 200 some were "sweeped!". Or out of over 2 million funeral arrangements, only 240 were "test shopped" in one year! While most funeral directors and their employees may be professionals, you read the bad press about the ones who are not. Be part of the fix and be informed then take action if needed.
We sponsor click lg view 2002 image 1st place winner
1-800-595-1313 for toll free or 440-942-8769 for local calls and fax 440-951-6871 line Part of the "Knowing " is who to call! A Team Master's Casket store 262 Shelton Blvd. Eastlake, Oh 44095, Betty Brown, CEO - and I welcome your feedback. A Team Masters is a firm beliver of selling only USA made product. We ship all of our USA quality made product state wide.
[This is copied from one of the FAMSA sites,12/ 1995 issue of The American Funeral Director] Also, the FTC is considering an update of the Funeral Rule this fall of 2000.
Since the Funeral Rule of the Federal Trade Commission went into effect, in 1984 (the Rule was revised in 1994), the public has relied on its provisions to apply pressure to the industry and expose misrepresentations and other unethical practices. Decreases in funding have made the job of enforcement more difficult. Under pressure from Congress and industry lobbying, the FTC has proposed a new program, the Funeral Rule Offender's Program (FROP), which would be administered jointly by the FTC and the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA). FTC Commissioners and the NFDA expect the program to be approved, although no one knows when. (IT WAS!, kicking all the way, part of another fight "Petition for Review - Federal Trade Commission's Amended Funeral Industry Practices Regulation Rule" which NFDA/Pa sought, & failed ;-) link) The idea behind FROP is to give a funeral home caught violating the Funeral Rule a chance to get the whole sorry affair over with as quickly as possible with, the industry hopes, as little damage to reputation and business as possible. To invoke the program a firm must admit guilt (after being cited, of course) and pay a fine to the U.S. Treasury equaling 0.8% of the firm's average gross annual revenue over the past three years: for example, a firm with average revenue of $1 million would pay an $8,000 fine. FROP's other requirements include a three-hour Funeral Rule training session, run by NFDA. and quarterly reporting to show that the firm is in compliance. Employees must sign statements that they attended the training program and are complying, and will forever comply, with the Funeral Rule. In return, FTC does not release news of an alleged transgression to the press. FROP is not automatic: FTC has the right to deny the program to offenders, according to NFDA sources.
While the FTC's wish to unburden itself of enforcement responsibilities wherever feasible is understandable, the FROP program -and especially the non-disclosure feature -- is clearly detrimental to consumer interests. One can even imagine Funeral Rule violators displaying a handsome certificate from NFDA indicating that they have received FTC approved training on the Funeral Rule, while no mention is made of their violation! All death care industry tradespeople and the public should work to block this proposal, or at least expose it to the others (and the media). As a starter, you might consider writing your congressional representatives
If you think this is not a big deal, think again. If that firm is not following the law and is still keeping people in the dark on purpose, chances are, you are NOT getting the best service your money can buy. You are not getting what you are supposed to here, where else is the rule BENT or even done away with? And why? So you WILL OVERSPEND! It's like reading the fine print - Buyer beware.
Become informed and complain if you should! Keep that GREEN in YOUR pocket!

Our intent is to be part of the public's trusted source for information in the death care industry and business.
Also to be a great source for all burial items at prices that save several hundred dollars from what the funeral home's product will cost you. A Team Master's Casket store ships all USA. See the link near the bottom for more information.
Please use feedback form if you want to have this information (or site URL where to save on burial items )sent on to a friend.

Spending money at the funeral home is not in any way a pleasure. While it doesn't have to be made out like you are being cheap, or even getting the cheapest bang for the buck (and yes, we have low cost caskets, starting at $589.00 for plane pine box type with wood rope handles or $160.00 for nice coffin type unit for cremation ). Everyone is a firm believer, you SHOULD be entitled to know what you are getting for your hard earned money! Anything else is criminal and everyone should play by the same rules. The FTC has the public at heart with the Orders to all the trade, let's make them all tow the line. Report any complaints promptly. Protect the firms that uphold the intent of the funeral rule and help stomp on the ones who abuse it at the cost to the public. How sad it is some do that, (during another's grief?). By complaining it might just shine a light on all of the good firms too, by getting rid of the offenders - repeating offenders. By hitting them in THEIR pocketbook. See how THEY like their wallet hurting too! An (eleven thousand!) $11,000.00 fine can and is imposed by the FTC to the same offenders (more than once) -if that happened to the same firm several times, it might close them up. Or they would be closed by getting so many complaints in this matter, by the FTC - leaving just the outstanding & law abiding firms.

A Team Masters, THE source for all burial needs

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