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For miniature caskets - knick knacks for the funeral trade - gothic coffins and many other uses, see below. (Also, some used on movie props ;-)

We also carry full size caskets, see banner above..
many uses

NOTE - THESE units directly below are not avalible at this time - So sorry, please check back near Christmas 2006 < see these quality handmade caskets, nearly 1/12th the size of real ones! Really well crafted. For quality and the price, this is the best! Below units are also used for remains of loved ones.>

If you don't see what you need, in the way of like items, these small desk top caskets - barbie size, at A Team Masters, just ask. We offer many funeral novelties not shown, filled with candy, fudge and really small - with logo and imprint too.
For many uses, the people just really like them! We've sold for parties, to promote and many others uses. We have desktop knick knacks for funeral trade, funeral novelties & barbie doll caskets - toy size.
Please use your Arrow bar to read about this invention's "behind the scene"
Perfect for Barbie Burials, holding knick knacks or display. Casket is 7 inches long. Two lids that open to several positions. Real wood covered in black fabric with luxurious white satin interior and pillow. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity $55.95 + Shipping (Priority $15.77 or $23.50 overnight, which ever you order.) The 7" casket (s) can have an overlay. - shown here.

 all pictured items on this page are handmade The 7" ~~ When it's time to lay your pet or a favorite mini remains to rest, why not do it in style? Also great for business cards! Use your imangination as well! 7" Black Casket Comes with Certificate of Authenticity (see below).
Casket exterior fabric colors available: Black, Burgundy, Forest Green

If you wanted the additional ~ Satin Lace Overlay for 7" casket $14.95 = $70.90 with overlay + Shipping
End item not available, all others below are!!
Desk top business card Holders -Colors:  desktop caskets are handmade Bronze or Silver

product description

Commissioned for production by Batesville, the renowned casket manufacturer, these solid casket business card holders measure 5 1/4" (L) X 2" (W) X 1" (H), yet they retain all of the exquisite details of regular-sized caskets, especially their siderails, handles & hi-gloss finish. They are so heavy (10.8 oz.) they will be the talk of the town, and your cards will be displayed professional. Caskets come with a soft felt lining on the bottom and an angled slot on top that holds up to 15 business cards.
Or, solid desktop casket instead, or get both! $28.00 each, plus shipping. desktop caskets are handmade

ALL New headstones!!
Click TOMBSTONE photo to see more desktop headstones!
Personalized Tombstones $15.00 anything you want on your own desk top
how do you want your tombstone Tombstone Color: Cement Gray or Black 4 1/2 inches tall - weighs 1/2 pound -
$4.00 added for shipping & handling Plus 5.75% state tax added for Ohio residents . Also, go to http://burialitems.com/mission.html for smaller 4" coffins, custom logo inside and out, by the case only!
Call 800-5951313
All orders are emailed to confirm. Payment as a check draft is accepted. The email address is: a-team@stratos.net email A Team Master's Casket store
Embalming Fluid pendant necklaces (in black velvet pendant boxes) FOR-MAL-DE-HYDE Embalming Fluid two-inch glass bottle with 24" black silk cord necklace. FOR-MAL-DE-HYDE Embalming Fluid Necklace ---> $19.95 Or AUTOPSY BLOOD NECKLACE (inside bottle: Hershey's chocolate syrup and red food coloring. It looks like real blood like the stuff used at movie studios) The Embalming Fluid and Autopsy Blood in Black Velvet Pendant Cases click---> Price is $19.99 for Autopsy Blood

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quality crime scene clean up

See photos of our mini doll coffins, use scroll bar on bottom and go all the way to right,
AS FEATURED ON T.V. Believe it or Not!
Buy your mini caskets here Shipped the least expensive way -dependable service for your needs. Please let us know if you wish to order it Next day air- or Rush. Add Me!
We also have Toe Pincher coffins -The toe pincher is precision made. It is 8" (eight inches) long. Has black or red crimson velvet (click) on the inside bottom and inside sides. Felt furniture protectors on the bottom. Painted flat black.
for larger photo black interior coffin, pls click $44.00 click
Let us know if you want the interior black or red please.

Black arms band for the funeral service, Satin - , 3" wide, 14" long, adjustable velcro fasteners. Each set of 10 adds one free.
6 free black arm bands with purchase of casketor $3.50 each plus postage & 1 time handling 40 cents. Able to reuse - adjustable fits all sizes(click)

Red, white and blue lapel ribbon with sticker on back, solid stay power Ribbons for all uses from A Team Masters
$1.75 each (stick gum for size)
Also have same size all black ribbons for sale $1.75 @ plus ones that are black (same size and style)  Lapel ribbon, solid black, In Memory text, sitcky tab on backhas text "In Memory" at $2.28 each (A Team Master's is giving six of these (or choice) free ribbons to customers -- w/purchase of a steel or wood casket, as a Thank you for pall bearers.) Reverse has strong stick tab.(1 free w/@10 purchased)

5" long, almost 2" wide Unique red, white and blue ribbon with image of statue of liberty with holding torch, top reads, "She's Still Standing" and near bottom after image it says "Freedom Will Be Defended!"USA is still standingCost is $2.40 while supplies last.

Stamped pcs of 18, 20 & 22 gauge unpainted steel pcs, on a chain A Team Masters supplies$11.50 includes mailing fees. This is to show as samples the thickness of the different gauge steel caskets are make of. off chain larger imageon the chain of 18, 20 & 22 pcs
A funeral director, needing for her chamber of commerce meeting, a center piece for the table, purchased our 7" mini casket - with the satin interior and pillow, took it to a florist, got a miniature casket spray - then had a small tent made up with the vault co. name on it. Each business was supposed to do a setting of whatever field they were in. Needless to say, hers was one of the best trade group representations that was talked about and photographed at the whole show!
wood toe pincherWood toe pincher is 6 & 3/4" long, 1 " at @ end, 2" widest part & nearly 1" deep. This mini COFFIN is $22.50 Plus shipping fees. Many uses. Had one purchased to hold soil from grave of Mom in another state, put on mantel.

A Team Masters mini caskets The CASKETS (click lger image, pen inside for size comparison) are approx. 6x2 inches, 2 pcs - no interior, w/one lid, (crease showing half couch ~ same material and price). Weight: 1 lb. made of Hydrocal, non toxic - are $22.50 + shipping. WE can custom make these, let us know!!
1-800-595-1313 Part of the "Knowing " is who to call! A Team Masters
All who talk or meet her, become good friends with Earline. It was obvious from the start that she is a kind and generous women. She also happens to be a women with a great talent for making these tiny caskets and tombstones, in California, USA! Not only are they made with care, they are constructed beautifully and are highly delicate. Much of the text below taken verbatim from Earline's own words. Earline grew up in an old, red, brick mortuary. Like most undertaking families, they lived directly above the facility. They shared the second level with the casket showroom and a pipe organ used during funerals. Earline's father was an undertaker, or what is now called a Mortician. Earline's room was directly above the embalming room and at night, she would hear the clanging and banging of the old embalming machine, pumping below. Makes you wonder what kind of dreams you would have hearing that all night. For those of you whom have never been inside mortuary, especially at night, they really do have a eerie feeling, almost as if the souls of the dead are hanging around, waiting for the funeral. I guess when you grow up in one, you learn not to be bothered by spooks and dead bodies. As one might imagine, being the daughter of a mortician had it's ups and downs. Earline's early school years were filled with ridicule. Children ran from her. Not that we all didn't have a tough time in grade school, however, it only took a few times, while she was in kindergarten, for her dad to pick her up from school in the big black hearse, before she was totally shunned by the other kids. Most kids wouldn't go near her. Naturally, at age 5, Earline didn't understand this, so she spent much of her time, alone, in the mortuary. She was, however, never bored. As a young child, whenever she was missing, her mother would go directly to the Casket Showroom. Sure enough, she would always find a chair that had been dragged in front of a casket. Earline would be snuggled inside - usually napping - enjoying the soft, cozy satin interior. (Now how many people can enjoy this experience and talk about it afterward?) By the time she was in her teens, it became cool to to live in a mortuary and suddenly, Earline was very popular. It seemed she always had friends visiting her or the mortuary during those years. Everyone wanted a tour and a behind the scenes look at everything. Her father was a willing participant in creating exciting and sometimes frightening events for her friends. "When I took someone on a tour, I never knew when dad would be hiding behind a casket or lying in one -slowly rising as we came near - or we might hear strange sounds coming from the embalming room." Most friends screamed and bolted down the stairs, while some became immobilized and some never came back to the mortuary again. Earline did not follow in her father's footsteps. A career in telecommunications took her in a totally different direction. Her father passed on several years ago. She hadn't actually thought about caskets or tombstones for years until the coming of the Tamagotchi, those noisy little virtual pets, which really drove her crazy. When virtual pets were banned from schools, parents were taking them to work so they could continue pressing the right buttons so the thing wouldn't die. Parents didn't want their children to suffer the guilt of killing the plastic pet by neglect or technological error. The whole thing was so absurd to Earline (treating pieces of plastic as if they were alive) that she decided to take the insanity one step further. As the batteries died and the beeping stopped, the silent giga-critters were discarded in a drawer by the bereaved children. What an ending to the two-year, fantastic, frenzy of this fad. It would take the daughter of a mortician, to dream up caskets for the burial of dead Tamagotchis and other now silent giga-critters. They came, they beeped, they died...and Earline provides an elegant final resting place! With every casket purchased, she included a "Fill-In-The-Blanks" Eulogy and a step-by-step booklet on "How to Conduct a Virtual Pet Funeral." It was outrageously fun and she received worldwide media publicity. From there, she began creating personalized desktop tombstones to deliver YOUR MESSAGE at home, work or as a gift. So it looks like Earline kind of did follow in her father's footsteps, after all, she is surrounded by caskets, tombstones, satin and lace yet once again. *Taken from "Feature Article in GPS Magazine"
six feet under coffinFor limited time, Six feet Under coffins too ;-) Red felt inside with "HBO inscription", black outside, says " Six Feet Under" (These caskets are being sold without the gummy worms) for $28.00 plus shipping approx. 7" long Your whole life is leading up to this (one was given as a graduation present!)

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