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At A Team Masters, we are seriously committed to "Getting clients the best
price & services ~ ~ on ALL
of their Funeral & or Burial needs."
The call to make is to A Team Masters ~800-595-1313 Answered 24 hrs ~ daily.
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* We also have a few casket trade domain names reserved for resale -- email to ask.
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Offering all funeral products 1 might need ~ Or please ask if not seen here ~ Caskets /funeral related goods
Read a bit - By buying a casket at A Team Masters & having it shipped to an address of choice ~ means SAVING a considerable amount of money~ anywhere from $800-$1,000.00 ~ $2,000.00 and up saved!, Just by purchasing the casket and grave liner from us - at need or pre plan..
Price of shipping guaranteed overnight and next day delivery is an added fee, depend on time & state, approx. $150.00. However best freight (1 to 2 days) shipping is included in listed price. Please call to ask about shipping times as they vary according to location and the casket ordered. Delivery in some cities, is the same day as ordered at no extra fee, so it is important that you inquire if you need a casket very quickly.
Welcome to our Casket Store We know this is a very sad & difficult time. Sympathy, compassion & understanding with our clients' needs 1st, as A Team Masters priorities.
Documented savings by shopping at A Team Masters!     (5 yr. old division of 18 yr. firm)
A Team Master's DEPENDABLESERVICE is to ALL USA States. ( Entrepreneur Opportunity also.)Please ~ SEE Casket photos on SELECTIONS PG link at the bottom of this page.
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  1. All CASKETS plus size & infant units also(WOOD Caskets, STEEL Caskets, FIBERGLASS Caskets & CREMATORY Caskets)Some of our caskets are identical as those at a funeral home, with added caskets to choose from that they may not carry ( in all sizes ). HOWEVER -- we have also been told that "We were so pleased we looked to your company. This casket we bought was much nicer than the one we were shown at the funeral home, in line with our budget andwhat we wanted too!" Cloth covered caskets also Please call in needs. We'll have it or get it. Pet caskets or youth, baby caskets as well (sadness compounded).
  2. * Available also, CUSTOM ORDERED coffins (interior, panels, &insignia) or colored units, painted caskets, personalized Memorial Artwork. Affordable and Working to keep your budget in mind, letting you know full costs.
  3. Our delivery is direct to door of the customer's choice / funeral home, church or house! Tracked, Confirmed and ontime USA quality, saving you hundreds.
  4. * No pressure or commission sales. Also,Client satisfaction is guaranteed.
  5. * No huge mark ups paid like at SOME "Dealers." (funeral homes or cemetery salespeople) Burial products sold directly to public.
  6. * Dignity comes with getting the Memorial desired ~ while still being cost conscious. ** Companies that distribute and or sell items for one-stop-shopping are considered "Dealers." AND that "luxury" costs, mark ups CAN BE 3 fold or more, when it simply SHOULDN'T be! Save HUGE amounts here at A Team Master's caskets.
  7. MARKERS HEADSTONE, Memorials, selections (link below) at much lower cost. Just make a call to us to find out more on how to get that stone for A LOT less as well. .
  8. URNS Many styles & brand names ,with a large collection to choose from, constructed from an array of materials. We also have companion urn types.
    All of the product (s) the discriminating client is looking for. JUST ASK.
  9. GRAVE LINERS~ OUTER BURIAL CONTAINERS - (Out of towners?) If the body is shipped here for burial, purchase just the grave liner here ( or a second service was held out of state, and the casket had already been purchased) Better to rent that 1st casket at that funeral home & by a far less cost, buy a casket here. + get Concrete, plastic or steel vaults & graveliners, too, at FAR better prices. Order what YOU want, not a packaged (bundled) deal that WILL NOT SAVE you money!
Various other funeral products may be available; please request whatever needed. FLOWERS,MEMORY BOOKS,CROSSES,ETC.                 

                                     WHY    IT      WORKS                                             

unsolicited Testimonials from just AFEW of our satisfied customers

It makes sense to inform yourself of the choices.
We pride ourselves on making the day less stressful and the funeral less expensive. This firm is here to assure fair prices, not excessive AND to offer many OTHER ways to save money as well, if you have questions or needs We can help .
The casket is not the service ~ yet each of
                              our caskets are a fine work of art ~ made with care, Priced with Your needs IN MIND! Save here, call or email now.
A funeral director once tried to tell me that buying my casket from someone other then them was "Kind of like bringing your own drink into a Restaurant." Ha~ No Way! Just as the BUNDLED funeral package is being offered by some firms, to keep all purchases in-house and profit excessively high this is just another anti-savings sales tactics too. The family's Rights to shop scare some owners into trying to put fear, guilt or intimidation tactics into play too. (This is perhaps JUST a taught objection response from a SALESMAN to an inquiring client.)But it SURE is a S-T-R-E-T-C-H.. & don't believe it! .
My thought to that is:~DO NOT object any more! Do not even TRY to circumvent my freedom to shop.
**** U.S.A. Federal TradeCommission ~ Funeral RULES Allow Me! ~ click ~ see casket stores & vaults ~ consumer's guide ** I know it is a huge chunk of money lost, but DON'T mark it up so UNFAIRLY in the 1st place. OR "bargain" your goods - once there is a lost product sale. If the family doesn't get your best price up front, don't think to deserve their business by "haggling "- & at a time like this? HOW barbarian, PLEASE!! A Team Master's offers our best prices up front - as respectable firms that respect their customers do, PERIOD.
MOST WON'T, But If your contact turns into this disrespectable lowlife self serving salesperson, WALK OUT! The family is NOT obligated to use the home that picked up the deceased. My answer: "Yes, it might be if we were talking about service (CooK- waitstaff)~ but we're NOT. We are talking about Money (PRODUCT). All the smartest people know that indeed, They DO NOT buy their products at the "Dealers & pay highest sales fees. " Some examples as a reference to Dealers are tools or parts. Most people have purchased these types of items prior at a dealer. They realized the higher fees and avoid a dealer's business place next time! However, most have not purchased burial items often. But, to purchase or not at the one stop shopping place (dealers) is the same. The mark-ups being HUGE!
AN EXAMPLE, call any dealer for any automotive, truck, machine or heavy equipment part, then call the other stores. The Dealer cost will be twice or three times as high! Many people know and more now see, all the same items can be bought at places other than the dealers! It is well known, Dealers providing service are perhaps great at doing the service items, yes - but product costs there are extra high.
"No, thanks - I may be be getting your SERVICES -
but the merchandise I will be getting elsewhere"

Believe this~ bring in the clothes to save money ~ the memory book & other things, but ~ you'll save the most by getting all the big ticket items from A Team Masters! ! (A dealer will ADD expensive "product" but tell'em you'll be ordering in flowers from " others " too! You do NOT have to be there for the delivery of either!) Be firm, don't be swayed, it's easy to save sooo$$$ much + get quality goods! They don't offer the savings we do!
(SOME Funeral directors may need to be reminded more then
once ~"You are renting the home & PAYING for service").
Keep more of that money in YOUR pockets! = Additionally, we have available, on a requested basis, Professional SHOPPER SERVICES for a fee (Fees apply only to shopper services contracted & are less if partial or phone consultant) . The BEST thing is, we show YOU how to get the Memorial services WANTED, at a better price! Inquire about that service as an added value.
Note: we feel and FIND MOST funeral directors as fine caring professionals too .
Some, unfortunately are not & WILL take advantage. As in any field, deception exists.
A grave liner (vault) first came about way back when there were grave robbers being paid due to a shortage of "cadavers" used in medical research. In modern day, the main reasons used are ... (see link below about Grave liners, outer burial containers vaults and ordering information for those items.)Not all cemeteries require liners & fees for them fall into a wide range of prices. Insupportable (VERBAL) claims do not support HUGE protective values given for high, costly units, & also PROHIBITED!
BEWARE of a sales TACTIC known as a " SHAM discount" , at some funeral homes, ask me!

From the Management of A-Team Masters, and staff, we do wish to extend our deepest condolences to you and your family. May God bless you and keep your departed loved-one for all eternity. Our appreciation is heartfelt for you ~ as you consider using A Team Master's Casket Store in this time of need. As one of the oldest firms in this field, we have received many thank you cards and calls for our serious commitment, considerable savings and seemingly bottomless services. We-will-be-there for you. Please let us know whatever we can do to assist you in this time of loss. Even talking to a Director for you. We're on 1st name basis with some ;-). However all are required to accept our product without hassle.

Our Mission Statement: Please click Also ~ here is a 20 question quiz**Test your death/funeral industrySmarts! A Team Masters offers most ALL payment sources ~ check, fax check with direct draft checking /visa account.

Please call with any questions 1-800-595-1313 Toll free ordering ~ OR E-Mail Us( Search below. If you do not find something here you need, email us. We can get it & offer it at far less money. We work hard at saving our customer's their money, getting quality USA goods & providing great service. All prices current as of 1/01/03 but may changewithout notice
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