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 dependable Remediation firms in this line
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There may be some questions (or FAQ) about this crime scene clean up "industry" or what A Team Master's does as part of our services.

  1. After your company is "finished" cleaning this scene where a violent or unaware death has occurred, is there further cleaning needed, or is it a "clean sweep" site already?          If the property or scene (crime or not) is bloody, other fluids, or a decomposition, where certain things have been spreading in the air, on the walls, windows and in different parts of a house, room or apartment, then - those walls, floors and etcetera, we clean.  Along with anything that might be a result of the aftermath,  if possible for it to come clean inside and out, we clean it or we remove it. Those rooms and areas will not need any further cleaning service at all, they will be spotless. (Restored if needed). The balance of the site or home, that is not affected by this death, we do not clean. We will deodorize the rooms, to assure clean air, and decontaminate if needed, but certainly a whole house is not cleaned as in a "clean sweep." We do not do routine cleaning as in a janitorial service. But rather, distressed properties, heavy duty cleaning, powerful cleaning the gore and unsafe things to return these sites back to the owner / manager, in the original condition.

  2. Is there training required if one wanted to start a "crime scene cleaning" business opportunity As stated on Regulations page, Yes. We have also offer a set of training DVDs See http://www.scenecleanup.com/ at end of page!
    NOTE: We do offer from time to time training clases - Please email for details, costs, and requirements.

  3. Are there business plans that you assist with if I wanted a new career  into this "Trade?"   See above to get the assistance  (OPPS - The training class in July did assist in this as well!  Possible others. )

  4. If we use your service, are we going to find photos of the project on your website? No, what we do stays with us. Any photos are for record keeping and insurance only. Your privacy is protected.       squeeky clean is the only image or crime scene photos you will ever see us post here.

  5. We do take before and after photos of each project for the files, insurance companies and/ or the police. If you wish copies of those, they are available per pic costs.

  6. I think Crime scene investigation and law enforcement is really interesting, and love watching movies about it. Is it much like that?  Well, our projects are not always pretty for sure. Most often it is a Traumatic scene, but they are not always a nightmare as well. Our work is very much needed - and satisfying as we do this knowing it is something  required to be done safely, ASAP, with care and concern. Our services also protect the family from further risk, traumatic stress and worry. Business and government offices are also protected against a very possible dangerous or life threatening situation when they hire our firm.

  7. When is the payment required for these services?  Home owners with insurance or certain business or non profit organizations are provided opportunity to submit proof of coverage or terms of payment. All others - payment is due at the time the service is provided and is not refundable. We will assist in the submitting of paperwork or if benefits from your state apply for this instance.   

  8. Does each state have the same or different specifications for infectious waste removal and disposal services?  Each state and  other governing authorities need to be contacted or researched to find out what the legal and  permitted  process is, to undertake any of the safe removal (using proper personal protection PPE equipment) and properly labeled  disposal - complying with laws & regulations in this specialized field,

  9. What other good web sites are there I can check out about health concerns?   There are a few we like to offer,    &  http://www.cdc.gov/and  http://www.workplaceviolence911.com/

  10. What are Blood Borne Pathogens?   Bloodborne Pathogens” means pathogenic microorganisms that are present in human blood and can cause SERIOUS disease in humans. They are potentially infectious and one is putting themself at risk of exposure. Exposures that may result in HIV, HBV, or HCV. They are blood and body fluid contacts - additional exposure incidents include splashes and other contact with mucous membranes or non-intact skin. This site from OSHA contains great http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/bloodbornepathogens/index.html/ information - as does   http://cmr.asm.org/cgi/content/full/13/3/385 Risk and Management of Blood-Borne Infections.

  11. What other services do you provide?  Vandalism cleanup,  Gross filth project/housing cleaning,  human and animal- bio-waste clean up,  Odor Removal and Urine/Feces Clean Up ,  trash house (from a bad tennant or too many cats,pets, dogs,  pet abandoned properties, etc. )   demolition for large loss,  Vehicle decontanination and Order control,       Sites that require heavy duty cleaning due to animals or birds as well. Either interior or exterior properties needing

    24-Hour Immediate cleanup Response if required.  Have heavy duty equipment and excavtors, dump trucks if needed.  
Any blood spills, body fluids and 'matter / parts' or all that is in the 'scene' will be taken care of properly. The site,  business or home will be  returned to a safe and clean state, with assurance of professional, confidential and discrete service as part of our task.  

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