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travel  range, we will contact
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 dependable Remediation firms in this line
( field of CTS Decon ) of work
to complete that job.

Our  clients 
are the family
or home owner, 
insurance companies,
law enforcement organizations,
government agencies, property managers,
private individuals and commercial companies.

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This "TRADE" (Crime & Trauma Scene Decontamination industry) must comply with stricter Occupational Safety and  Health Administration OSHA regulations. The rules require businesses to have a blood-born pathogen exposure plan, a hazardous-waste communications plan and employee training in disease transference,
blood born pathogens and universal pre-cautions.

The World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that all human blood and body fluids should be treated as infectious (pathogenic), and universal precautions must be administered when coming in contact with them. The United States Federal OSHA regulations man-date worker protection for employees or anyone coming in contact with blood. Which anyone working in the Crime & Trauma Scene Decontamination industry (CTS Decon) encounters when providing services in their normal business operations. The federal information about blood-borne pathogens is found in 29-CFR1910.1030.

While the OSHA regulations for the Blood borne Pathogens Standard were initially conceived for medical management practices, the standard reaches beyond the medical community. It mandates protection of all workers who have an anticipated exposure risk to blood borne pathogens. This includes workers involved with commercial, hotel, and hospital laundries; ambulance; police; funeral; lifeguards; schools; and public use facilities. However, carpet and upholstery cleaners, auto restorers, and janitorial workers who are asked to cleanup blood spills and stains - do not have the right information or tools to do this. PLUS those people coming into contact with blood and body fluids are mandated to comply with federal and state regulations and have had the training to do that (such as: accidents, homicide, suicide, decompositions, natural or accidental death) emergency situational cleanup job.

  • Bio-recovery firms must also comply with federal, state and local environmental regulations regarding the disposal of bio hazard waste. We are "Second Responders" (police, mortician, coroner and fire are first). Secure the scene, protection so outsiders are not exposed. Use labeled and approved containers, using approved procedures, approved disposition & transportation, and detailed record keeping ( photos if required, insurance cam)  are all required. All contaminated property from any of these projects will be disposed of in compliance with federal health and safety codes, OSHA,and in compliance with the Medical Waste Management Act.
  • Biohazard waste encompasses the following categories:
  • human anatomical waste (any pieces of body parts, matter or     organs),
  • animal anatomical waste (carcasses, body parts, organs),
  • non-anatomical waste, which includes:
  • sharps which have contacted animal or human blood, biological fluids or tissues tissue or microbial cultures, and material contaminated by such cultures
  • live vaccines
  • containers, any debris or materials saturated with any blood or body fluids.

  • Why no business in America should  ( OR legally CAN ) have just anyone hired to clean these death or bloody scenes.

                Federal Regulation 29CFR1910.1030 of OSHA states that no employee
         can be placed in a position to be exposed to biohazardous  waste without first:

    1) Receiving blood-borne pathogen (BBP) training.

    2) Having a written BBP exposure control plan.

    3) Having been provided with personal protective equipment (PPE).

    4) Having been offered the Hepatitis B vaccine and exposure evaluation with a follow up.

    5) Being provided with a method to remove and properly store the biohazard waste in properly marked containers for disposal at an  approved site.


    Only after these five requirements
  • have been met, can an employer  schedule that trained employee (who signed on for thist ype of work)
    to enter a crime scene, death site
    or clean abio-hazardous waste property.

    That is why you need a professional.
    Call on A Team Masters,
    for the project done correctly the first time.
    Squeaky clean is the only picture you will ever see.