Casket, grave liners & burial items, delivered direct to the funeral home or address of your choice. Yet for better prices than they have, A Team Masters is a considerable amount less and we are as near as your phone. We ship our products all through out the USA . We also have suppliers in many states, making this local delivery (and adding more often). There are a few areas where we are unable to get grave liners to / from or in.( Not many, just a few, we are overcoming this.) Does not apply to caskets. The vault is a more closed market with some fewer suppliers/ shipping being a higher factor. Please ask us to try, most likely we can also save you a considerable amount of money

on the outer burial container as well. If not, we will let you know that too!

Contractors if need parking lot concrete
boxes,/ 2 ft spring fish boxes, please call.

Don't shop the ‘Dealer’s Show room’ (at the funeral parlor or cemetery office) for burial product, funeral homes charge too much! This unit is often called many names - outer burial containers, vaults, concrete boxes or grave liners. Urn burial grave liners also, as a cemetery requirement. Grave liners come in several materials & styles. We carry most all of the product that a mortuary has, at prices a lot less.

We have been helping people like yourself to extend their own choices and spend less on them, for several years - In this division, A Team Masters, has been in business since 1998. Our customers have enjoyed dependable, knowledgeable staff and LESS outlay for all funeral expenses, by allowing us to do what we do best: We can assist you in offering you a choice of the
finest USA made products, from Caskets, Urns, Grave liners,(Burial vaults) etc. If you are looking for Urn Vaults, and outer burial containers for urns, please click here (Also, custom orders for cremation Specialty Monuments) .
OR also offer you our funeral consultant service, showing you how to save more on different choices you have, transportation of the deceased, vehicles used in the funeral service, embalming and such. We can put you in contact with the right people, and get your “arrangements” done for less expense, yet at a way that will make you proud that you were smart enough to seek, and allow us to assist you! Just ask of this added extended service if you have this need as well.

·        We know this may be a very sad, stressful and trying time in your life, and will do all that we can to show you we understand. Respect and trust are what we work at, along with quality product at better prices for our customers. We also have our on time delivery

·        To all of the United States, down to a work of art.

This page will focus on Graveliners / burial vaults. The solid, concrete, burial liner boxes measure about 30" high, 33" wide, and 84" long. The concrete is about 1˝" or so thick and reinforced with a heavier gauge iron mesh. This is a well-manufactured product.(See the rest of the site for other funeral product.) Most states do not have laws or rules requiring the outer burial container, it is the Cemetery that mostly does. That is because the unit does offer use. It prevents ground collapse around it when a casket fails. The easier maintenance of the lawn and safe walking is assured, as is the safe excavation of ground around a grave liner, for new burials. It prevents unearthing an urn, casket or body when another grave is being dug. WE REALLY offer some of the BEST prices.
The “protection of elements” of the casket and it’s content, is the last reason - sooner or later water & dirt, etc. may find a way in. The other examples of the requirement are reasons enough though. May prevent casket rising if there is a flood (depending on type purchased). It also prevents ground movement when heavy equipment drives upon the ground.
  • We also offer some of the best looking (expensive styles), Strongest durability polyethylene plastic  burial vaults - Please click here -

  • Concrete grave liner, least expensive. (We have contacts statewide, no need to worry about shipping fees for this unit) This is the basic same unit that is a government issue for Vets at U.S. cemeteries. (2 pc. Imbedded steel reinforcing throughout concrete, 2,600 lbs. & 1 1/4" thick walled concrete base.) Ours start at $595.00 (plus 100.00 - $110.00 for lowering device if needed, at some cemeteries not having a lowering device.) Other add on price options - coated in asphalt, tent, set up of chairs. (Shown is for adult 2 1/2 ft x 2 1/2 x 7 ft standard-size casket)·
  • All brands, material - Regency Stainless steel shown, 26-gauge mirror finish stainless steel liner with match-ing stainless steel cover shield Extra thick duratite inner liner bonded to high strength reinforced concrete. Butyl rubber sealing compound bonds base and cover into a single unit. Aprox. price is $1,785.00 (varies by location). Can be painted white, or any color, and trimmed in silver, gold, bronze, etc. All Brand names and styles, types and SIZES are available, please ask. If you want what you saw at the funeral home, or cemetery,
    but for less money, we are you contact for considerable savings!

    TITAN ® $898.00 (plus set-up for tent, chairs, lowering device, if needed. Most Catholic cemeteries provide l/device - added in cost of plot). Steel reinforced concrete, seamless Durapream polystyrene interior liner, double wall construction and personalized nameplate. Approximate weight 2,500 lbs,. full 70-year warranty. Other unit prices upon request. Our customers Save a lot here, just ask. We have not offered this below (yet know some cemeteries use them). It is a sectional concrete liner without bottom. This unit only meets SOME ? minimum cemetery requirements. (Cemeteries have rules and you need to document ahead of time what is permitted or not)Approximate weight: if 6 pcs (with bottom) of 1,400 lbs. If no bottom, aprox. 1,100 lbs. Amish like these, as no heavy equip. is needed for instalation. Not available in all areas. If you wish this, please let us know, but be sure if you purchase from another, you know which they are using. Often, one does not get a choice, if not "in the know". Multi-sectional concrete container provides cave-in protection. Some outer burial containers are "dome like" one pc units, often used for Jewish or Muslims burials. It is an Air seal, wt 1,500 lbs. and has no bottom.
  • Outer burial containers made out of; Fiberglass OR also Eonian -an advanced formulation of Polyethylene that took several years to develop. A vault that is stronger, (Maximum strength) more durable, lighter (a seamless LLDPE waterproof unit), easier to store and transport than the heavy concrete versions that have been around for ages. ·
  • Stainless Steel and Oversize vaults also.·
  • Tents, lowering devices, grass set up available also.

    Thank you for visiting this page of our web site! Please browse the rest of our site, bookmark the main page Please call us 800-5951313, for any of your needs / questions.
    For more information about any burial caskets or outer burial containers we offer, or if you have any particular questions, please feel free to request more information from us, or you may call us. We will be happy to discuss any information that would help answer your questions.There are many choices you really have, please let us share some of those with you and save your wallet at the same time! In the past, we sponsored stock cars for 2000-2002 (some family) fun and advertisement. Winning   car! Helping to spread the word about people’s choice is important.

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  • Page 2 of grave liners, markers, headstones and more funeral products                 We service all USA

    DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES Our company makes no representations or warranties regarding caskets or outer burial containers or other funeral goods sold us, other than those made by the manufacturers. The only warranties expressed or implied, granted in connection with goods sold , are the expressed written warranties, if any, extended by the manufacturers thereof. No warranties expressed or implied, including the implied warranties of merchant ability or fitness for particular purpose are extended by A Team Masters.
    All brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Titan ® or product name brands do not represent an endorsement from or approval by their owners.
    We hope you have found this information useful, and look to us for all of your funeral and /or burial needs.

    This "DISCLAIMER" is the same text as used by funeral homes, due to this being some of the very same product. We are located in Ohio, however we have "brokers & suppliers" in most all states and are able to offer these burial items at huge savings. Our turn around time in getting your order filled at need (time of death) is next day if needed. Or we sell pre need (in advance) following state law where you are located, as permitted.

    Please pass on our site url to your family and friends.

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