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Let's face it, times are tough, and budgets will get thrown out of whack with the death of a family member. People try to get the best deals on most everything, just because they can. The public isn't aware, for the most part, that funeral product is something that just might be sold at a lower cost too.

BACKGROUND: The funeral industry did not have any competition for nearly one hundred years. Then and now, Morticians put a lot of profit in the sale of a casket.(Bacl then called more so coffins.) Along came the FTC and said third party retailers were permitted to sell funeral product. Some morticians tried to use guilt or bad sales tactics in promoting their product over outside sales. However now over five years later, the casket stores are multiplying. Funeral homes have also opened up their own casket retail outlets, but they do not often mention it is part of their firm, and prices are not lower like in a real casket retail outlet. The industry HAS to allow freedom of choice in shopping. Become informed.

A Team Master's Casket store is a division founded in 1998 as part of Bob's A-Team Assoc. Inc. a 20 year Ohio firm who primarily engages excavation and demolition projects. Betty Brown, CEO says, "Our casket sales have grown each year from our website http://www.burialitems.com/ - by word of mouth and the advertising we do locally and on the internet. The savings we have made possible for our customers is the best thing we do. I am now looking into the possibility of offering some slightly scratched or imperfect caskets to the public at even better savings for them. And to become a purchaser as well, from funeral homes, manufactures and other retailers, of a unit that might need some exterior (only) repair. Our firm has a great track record of meeting people's needs. This will be one more way to accommodate."

"Just recently, examples of sales that went like this: A woman calls from Cleveland, Oh. and she says she is looking for a casket, those at the funeral home are $1,500.00 at their best price, and her Mom only had a $3,000.00 insurance policy. They were going to have a closed casket, no embalming, 20 minute memorial service at the cemetery. That would make the funeral bill over $4,800.00, what can we offer? I told her that we had two units that had just a small thing wrong with them, a bronze color sealer with a small dent in the bottom rear of the casket, the size of a thumb print. Or a sliver casket non sealer, that the handles on the one end were scratched. Would she consider either of these? No one could observe these imperfections, (without a close study or inspection) just I could let them go at a better price, and she could save more. Her reply, "Let me have the nicest one of those two, how much is it? So she bought it for $650.00. It happened that we were able to match the handle paint color, so when it was delivered, I called her and told her she got a heck of a good deal, as we repaired the color where it had been scratched off by repainting it and now it does not look like it was scratched at all! She said she told her whole family and lots of friends, referring many others to us. She thanked me time again as well for the special sale, saving her that money. "I didn't know what I was going to do."

The next call came in, the family had seen our $1,110.00 18 g/sealer blue casket on the internet - they were in Toledo, Ohio. No mention was made of a special sale - they saw what they wanted, and the casket was delivered in perfect condition. (As is our policy, and always will be. With the exception now of an agreement on a special purchase of this type.) Again our customer saved though, really quite a bit. They also purchased a concrete grave liner for the cemetery, more savings (total dollars saved way more than few hundred dollars too! ).

A few days later, we get a call from Va. where a man wanted to get a casket for his Aunt, who was deathly ill in Pa. Her funeral was going to be in NY, and he had gotten price lists and an pre need quote from a funeral director there. I told him we might be able to refer another funeral director to him and could save him a bunch of money if he would like to try our professional shopping services as well. He did, he faxed over all the pages of information and prices that he had been given. Without any casket or outer burial container, it was going to cost him over $8,095.00 dollars. The casket and grave liner were "To be selected" (!) and the price list for caskets from the mortuary started at $795.00 for a cloth covered particle board cheap casket, then went to $1,490 up to $8,450.00. We asked what price range would he be looking at for a casket? He wanted to know our "cheapest coffin" - so I gave him a choice of our special sale on the $750.00 18 gauge sealer in bronze tone with the small thumb size dent in the very bottom rear of the unit, then the regular prices for one of our $850.00 non sealer, or mentioning another casket, our Moonlight Valley 18 g/sealer for $1,110.00. He didn't want to hear about any one now but that bronze colored one, and that is what he purchased. His total funeral bill, eveything with the casket from us and our professional shopping (consulting) fee, a PA funeral director pick up & embalming, moving the Aunt from Pa to NY, having a funeral in a church there, and all mortician fees, concrete grave liner included, now came in under $4,200.00 -- a savings of over $5,000.00 - $6,000.00. The first prices he had would have been $10,260.00 with their least expensive sealer casket (needed for transporting deceased across state line) of over $2,000.00 plus then, their concrete liner.

He called me back, and told me: "Thank you so much, the coffin was just fine (meaning no one noticed anything), sure am glad we found you!"

Of course, upon the delivery I had informed the funeral director that my customer had received a discount on the casket due to it being a blemished merchandise -- with a small dent in the very bottom rear. Delivery of caskets by our firm are always inspected prior and upon delivery, to make sure the unit is in no way damaged when we leave it at the funeral home. The mortician would always become informed if anything is wrong with the casket. Something that the visitors would not notice, they might, because they are a professional who deals with caskets all the time. But the customer wanted to not spend so much. He didn't care if it was a sealer or a non sealer, but he sure liked saving a few hundred dollars because of a small dent! Better yet, of course, was the total savings A Team Masters choices offered him in full on the open casket funeral that he was able to have for his family, such a nice memorial. His other expense - flying his family from VA. to NY for the services and other incidentals, (perhaps flowers, etc) are not included, however now there was more free cash for those fees. I was pleased that he looked us up and our experience along with his trust saved him so much.

Now, people buy all kinds of things slightly dented, scratched and imperfect. Even try to negotiate many places, but not at funerals. We are seeing if there is a small market for the slighly imperfect units in this field. No one would be offered the "steep discounted casket" over our perfect discounted ones, unless they asked or money was a problem. None would be sold without information to them and the funeral director that any imperfection existed, and a detailed description of it. The funeral director is not involved in your decision, we just inform them that it arrived that way, per your order. In my mind and many others, it does not mean that there is less love for the one laying in the casket at all-- there is nothing wrong with the interior of the casket. Retailers have in the past, been falsely accused of delivering imperfect caskets - by/ with horror stories by SOME (small margin) funeral directors or cemetery / vault dealers who also sell caskets. Those "stories" were made up to keep the sale in house. Don't let anyone say untrue things, don't worry - our reputation is riding on the line. No one should ever be made to feel badly about not spending a lot money - - it is just a savings one should have the option to take advantage of, or not, if they want. We have many years of experience in this field and are trusted business people. One more way to save is being offered, that's all. There are those who should know about it and would WANT to know. Let them know about our extra discounted caskets too (when available). Some people just don't have bunches of money for these expenses, or if they did even,they wish to spend it some other way.

So, if you are one of those who wish to see what savings are available on such a casket -- or wish to sell such a casket,call us. A Team Masters at 800-595-1313 where savings are what we work at.

One mention though, we do not buy un-American made product knowingly, nor sell it. See
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- We believe no one should or needs to save money at the expense of American workers and families. The real cost is too great. USA made goods should be what is purchased, whenever possible."

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