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An Urn Vault is designed to protect the urn. This protection is also from accidental unearthing from heavy equipment, or from being crushed by the weight of the earth above. Some urns are fragile and require outer protection when interred in the earth. Some cemeteries require an urn vault for burial of an urn - some do not.
Urn Vaults are made of material like Concrete, Polymer, Wood, Marble, Steel, Fiberglass, Space Age Plastic or Cast Acrylic. We also offer Urn Vaults made of lightweight, high-density, double chamber polyethelene -- a water proof material.

Please let us know of the size you wish, as the urn vaults come in many sizes, types and materials as well. They can be custom made, having the emblems and symbols you desire.
A Team Masters has in fact, made a special custom family treasure, in getting a "Trophy Loving Cup" mirrored bright gold finish, with a John Force/ Castrol GTX, Mustang car atop, for a Funny Car race fan remains -- using as an urn, complete with marble base, lid and name plate. His family and friends were well pleased as his request was beautiful.

There are many options, from budget minded, to high end cost units. From urn vaults that are meant to hold the ash remains and act as both a container and a grave liner, or a vault for single urn use -- to the larger, meant to hold two urns. This urn vault is called a Companion -- meant for couples cremains to co-mingle by removal of the wall, after the second area is used.

There are "expanding" urn vaults, to accommodate the tallest urns. We offer Custom Urn vaults as well.

These are only some photos we offer, Please let us know if you have seen something elsewhere, our price will be lower, even with shipping.
The Basic Concrete (our cost to you is $280.00 in most areas)unit or click on the right image of The Constellation Urn Vault
But oh so many choices. 1 of several
Sand Spun Beige urn vault, it is expandable with stackable band accessory that builds to any desired height. Each band allows an additional two inches of height. Tested and approved by independent engineering firm and meets interment specifications for Catholic cemeteries as well. It is moisture proof, non-deteriorating polystyrene. Lightweight, yet strong enough to withstand 3,000 ps1. Length 14-1/2" width 9" org. height is 9" (band height is 2", if one is added , add $35.00 to cost) Cost is $210.00
or choose other materials at various prices due to make and material.
Cost is $325.00 Or some need to be priced, depending upon what is ordered on them (if personalized)+ shipping costs.
The strongest Universal cremation urn burial vault with a patented double wall, made in a seamless LLDPE plastic (polymer) for maximum strength is from strongest plastic urn vault Universal urn vault Many colors: Choose from the following Granites, Sandstone, Blue, Gray, White or Rose of Sharon. Universal size: Outer D: 17.25" x 17.15" ID: Square of 12" 1/4 (W) x 13 3/4 (H)(weighs 16.5 lbs) Superior to concrete as secure & long lasting.
(Double Wall Premium Protection)cremation urn vaultcost is $255.00
Or choose elegant urn vault The Elegant economy unit - single wall protection, butyl seal OD 13 1/4 W 14" H weight 5 lbs cost is $199.00 (Plus shipping fees -depending upon method/urgent needs $15.- 35.00 approx. Call for quote giving us your zip code please.)

Sentinel Memorial urn vault, made with a highly cultured MARBLE - surpassing industry standards in terms of quality and strength. (compressive strength of over 23,000 psi, the Sentinel is extremely durable. The vault is also a beautiful work of art. The classic look of white marble gives the vault a museum display like quality. Comes with a sealant. Exterior measurements 14" wide x 171/2" high x 11 inches deep. Cost (plus shipping) is $390.00 (add cost of approx. $25.00 for engraving if wish plate added)Inside demensions 13" Width 9" Depth 10" Height -----
Solid Marble urn vault
Superior Memorial urn vault, made of strong 12 gauge steel, copper colored and powder coat protected. Lighter in weight than most concrete urn vaults, the Superior will stand up against exposure to corrosion, moisture and chemicals. Size 14" wide x10" high x 12 1/4" deep Cost is $425.00 plus shipping.
Copper color 12 g steel urn vault

Also - there are other products we offer. If you wish the loved one's remains closer to home, and not at a cemetery.
"Memorial Monuments" are manufactured with a moisture-proof, 240 cubic-inch container that is easily accessed and hand-tightened from underneath to add a cremated remains ("cremains") satchel in the privacy of one's home. Place as a beautiful display in your own garden, near your house or favorite spot.
Custom urn container, Serenity
Serenity Tree Width: 22" Length: 19" Height: 14" Memorial Monument: $790

Weight: 95 lbs. (One of many choices, in rocks, planters or Specialty Monuments)The Serenity Rock garden memorial resembles a cut off tree stump with an amazing realism to it. Available as a "Personal Memorial" it can be used to memorialize a loved one who is buried in a cemetery too far to visit frequently. As a "Cremation Memorial" this monument can hold the cremated remains of a loved one in a special container located within the memorial.

Thank you much for reading, if any questions or needs, please email or call.

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